Another one bites the dust.

Rocker and sometimes movie star (Rocky Horror Show, etc.), Meat Loaf has died. He was an anti-vaxxer who died after.

Anti-vax podcaster….

Anti-Vax Podcaster #DougKuzma Dies Of COVID-19 After Attending Right-Wing Rally Kuzma, 61, of Newport News, Virginia, became ill shortly after.

In case anyone is curious…

8,000 unvaccinated Republicans are dying of COVID-19 every 10 days.

…had frequently promoted her anti-mask, anti-vaccine stance on Facebook

A Michigan woman who spoke out against mask mandates and the COVID-19 vaccine has died of the virus at age.

Another Anti-Vaxer…. DOA

Washington State Senator Doug Erickson opposed vaccine mandates. He called for the resignation of Governor Jay Inslee for protecting his.

Dead anti-vax preacher

Preacher who spread vaccine lies dies after being hospitalized with Covid-19

Prominent Christian televangelist and anti-vaccine advocate Marcus Lamb died after being hospitalized with Covid-19, his family announced.

Man Who Went To COVID Party to Build Immunity Dies From the Virus (Italy)

(Newsweek) An Austrian man who went to an Italian “coronavirus party” in an apparent bid to build immunity against COVID-19.