Brian Abuse

Brian Abuse

Control of your Brians — Beware of Brian Damaged Tweeter.

State of Georgia

Winning in Georgia

Georgia Democrats FLIPPED 41 seats in 21 counties across Georgia on Tuesday. (

Biden and Harris

The BBB Team

1. Decreased child poverty by 50%2. Stimulus3. $1.3 billion to HBCU4. 4 black women appointed judges5. 5.6 million jobs created6..

Here come the JUDGES!

Biden and the Democrats have confirmed more federal judges at this point on the calendar than any President in the.

This is the problem…

Phil Murphy won in New Jersey by a margin of 77,000 votes. The press said he “squeaked” by.. Glenn Youngkin.

Nancy Pelosi:

Nancy Pelosi:

At least 10 people involved in the Capitol riots were just elected to state and local office.At least FIVE more.

Dead Elephants (COVID 19)

Anti-Vax Radio Host Who Called Fauci a ‘Power Tripping Lying Girl, 14, dies from Covid after ‘anti-vaxxer parents frbid ….