Pardon Reality Winner: Call TODAY!

If you want to put your anger about what happened to #RealityWinner into action please begin calling the White House.

Man Who Went To COVID Party to Build Immunity Dies From the Virus (Italy)

(Newsweek) An Austrian man who went to an Italian “coronavirus party” in an apparent bid to build immunity against COVID-19.

Bad Case of Hullabaloo…

Unvaccinated former GOP Vice Chair of the Wayne Co (MI) Bd of Supervisors William Hartman is on a ventilator with.

Seven From Anti-Vax Doctors’ COVID Conference …Fall Sick Within Days

(Daily Beast) To hear the fringe doctors who gathered at an equine facility for the Florida COVID Summit in November,.

Dead voters

Dead Republican Voters..

Republicans claim that dead people voted in the 2020 election A few did. The perpetrators include a GOP official, a.

Psychological Abuse of Spelling

Psychological Abuse of Spelling

Masks are child abuse… Masks are physical and PHYSCHOLOGICAL abuse (spelling abuse) Click for a closer look…

Brian Abuse

Brian Abuse

Control of your Brians — Beware of Brian Damaged Tweeter.